Do station more than 3 months traffic breakthrough 5000P experience

do a good many years website, remember I began to have a strong interest in the site from 3 years ago, at that time he began to learn to do, very ashamed is now also did not have a decent website, the money did not spend less, why? The main reason is to see a good the website ideas do, then saw a better now just do that, after all is that they don’t know how to insist on. Ashamed ah,


see someone Wangzhuan, heart is the envy ah,


I finally decided to must insist on doing a website, even if it is fresh for two days will persist, so I bought a VPS to buy a domain name website booming opened! (now IP has exceeded 5000. Although not much, but very happy, never had so much flow) –


, I summed up my website experience a few points, I hope to help the flow of very few novice webmaster friends (Master, please go around),

1., Baidu, needless to say, ADMIN5 has too much experience in this area,


2. links

Links power can never belittle, I just started to do when standing, because it is a new domain name get (at the time, Baidu has not included) I find the Links no one is willing to exchange with me, finally I went to ADMIN5 Trading Forum to buy, then read many of the new station can not say buy more than PR=4 because it links to a search engine that will cheat so I spent 15 yuan to buy a few PR=3 and his home link does not exceed 20 (Note: do not buy too much Links home station) about 5 days later Baidu started to my website, then see Baidu included old happy every day, and they can come from the station about 100 IP.

3. forum

is the first to find some kind of portal forums (such as:, do webmaster type can find DISCUZ, outdated and so on) in their top posts and then take our AD

, the more than 1000 IP in my more than 5000 IP came from the mop. Everyone knows that there are millions of hits in their top posts in response to AD their own content and then buy props can make your reply content in all the top top reply is the first reply to your post every day, visitors read the content first see is your AD. My station can come from this AD every day, more than 1000, IP.

4. other

landing on YAHOO Bookmarks:

landing on QQ Bookmarks:

landed in Baidu search: h>


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