How to break through the confusion of small and medium-sized webmaster

is currently the entire Internet industry, the portal and some of the big sites basically pattern have been set up, the small owners world is a bit confusing, the reason can be roughly divided into the following aspects:

1. small number of sites [cn domain name because of the 1 yuan activities, domestic station threshold and gradually popularized, do site with software as simple as


2. website quality is uneven [because the station is popularized, most of the quality and content of small and medium-sized sites exist collection, copy other website content, lead to the overall quality of the site drops]

3. profit model is not clear [most webmaster did not do a good job of positioning, can not find profit points, and finally give up doing regular stations, thus turning to garbage stations, leading to garbage dumps, rules confusion]

then, in such a chaotic domestic web site, how should our small and medium-sized webmaster break through in the chaos, I personally think or from several aspects to say:

1. thinking before the station

do not consider the direction of development prompted by a sudden impulse, planning good website and website, website to lock the main target users in the future group, the main target audience needs analysis well, so do the stand out is in line with the needs of users also increased the website fixed user group, have important role in the late development of. Therefore, the location of the station is not with the casual, you can determine, of course, except for garbage stations.

2., the purpose and mentality of doing


website is certainly a purpose, the blind do stand is boring, now the situation most people do for all want to add an extra income for himself, but because most of the time this kind of psychology will affect the webmaster for instant success, and do not waste station as regular warfare, short-term fast to make money, so there is little webmaster can persist. And now do garbage station has not been so good to do, Baidu, GG this area is more stringent. So, the friends of the station, make clear the purpose of your station, in your impatience, lost, unable to breathe, think of their original purpose, stick to it, perhaps it is a sky.

The key to

3. is execution

Once the

and have a good mentality and website localization, it should be practical to do nothing to do station, station, the resource rich content under the condition of little traffic, so the first three months of three months is the most difficult to adhere to, any ideas are needed to ensure the implementation of the executive power so, the key is execution.

4. why is content king


will hear you say that content is king many times, in fact, the content is not only for SEO, but also to the development of stable and loyal user base, because only you stand on a target user group needs resources can let users stay and return.


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