Grassroots evolution theory (five) feasibility analysis of grassroots Entrepreneurship

as a grass-roots, in the early days of potential single force thin has become our most significant features, in the process of doing the product will encounter various headaches, we neither strong corporate funds, there is no more technical support, can do only the best of our ability. Find a business plan reasonable, allow yourself to climb step by step, here, and everyone together will cool grassroots feasibility analysis on the grass-roots entrepreneurship, from our grassroots entrepreneurs successful emergence breakthrough.

program one: do enough innovation, meteoric rise,

bring innovation, we may head ache, we have to face such a problem: how to innovate? Innovation because of copycat and die? Well, it can estimate all thought of the enemy — a large Internet companies. Usually, to ask such questions of investment professionals and entrepreneurs in the dialogue: if your product will be the Tencent to invest in you copycat, we again have what meaning? If your product is not what we then copycat Tencent, investment you? Well, okay, so on the problem, I believe everyone and grassroots brother, is the first to reflect: I can speak


in fact, this is the problem we have to face in the process of entrepreneurship. Although we little grassroots do not expect one day to get an angel brother’s favor. In the industry there is a saying called Innovation: innovation is not immediately die, sooner or later died, although it is a bit too much, but we must face the problem and innovation and copycat, how to gain a foothold in the complex environment of the Internet industry China. Cool compared to do grassroots believes that innovation A new force suddenly rises. is a good way, but in the process we are likely to make products in the use of innovative thinking in suffering and oppression, copycat, grassroots brother and you talk about about our grassroots entrepreneurs how to create new problems.

innovation is divided into subversive innovation and Chinese characteristics of micro innovation, in this, cool grassroots to give you specific analysis, children’s shoes do not spray. First of all, abstract theory, whether it is subversive innovation or Chinese characteristics of micro innovation, its performance can not be separated from the product thinking form, user experience and operational model of three aspects. The most important of which is the product of the thought-form of the point determines how to innovate the effect of the final product, for example, when the release of the first IPhone, the most impressive is that in the conference, Jobs first listed several existing mobile phone, compare their advantages and disadvantages, finally they cleverly remove the keyboard and the screen is widening, which enables the user to obtain a broader vision space and operating habits more convenient, this is called Joe’s definition of mobile phone, the core idea is the touch screen.

if IPhone is subversive innovation, then we will shift our eyes to the domestic, cool grass roots will be 360 examples, together with you to analyze Chinese characteristics of micro innovation. Mention 360, the first thing we think of is the goods


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