A female programmer’s sad and helpless

to tell you the truth, I’m really tired.

tried again hard, hard again, and fought with the men, staying up late to work overtime until midnight, exhausted.

occasionally is concerned, will pretend strong smile, say nothing, the world without men and women program.

and project manager running tens of thousands of rounds, and finally get the supervisor’s position. But we should always beware of junior programmers even suppressed.

looked up occasionally from a pile of scheme, at the software park is not clear sky, think what the school? How to intrigue? How do you know the small group to develop their own


had the chubby silly chick gone? Who wrote a student management system that can flaunt invincible in the Microsoft IBM rookie how disappear?

classmates and friends are advised to change careers. The blind date has made relentless don’t date will break up. I laugh, this words seems to have heard a lot of edge, numb.

became more and more silent and more and more calm.

great changes in personnel last week. R & D department only I and technical director Shen live, laughing at the wind and clouds. This major in personnel is related to technology, and it has nothing to do with technology. I was scared by my own calmness.

I was the only female programmer on the

team, as well as a female UI or project manager. Many times feel lonely, interviewed many female programmers, have no reservations to recommend directly to the boss there, but have failed. It really gets me down.

misses the rookie stage and misses everything, and misses the state of hard work.

for 3 years, this year is the fourth year, wages turned 3, turnover, the mentality of 3 times older.

went to Shenzhen on a business trip, sitting on the bus from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, listening to the song and having a good sleep. All the human resources, all the mechanisms, all the things that have gone away from me, as if everything had come back.

actually, I’m not a great person.

just wants someone to talk about love.

just want to firm and secure shopping and eating.

recently, the boyfriend is also a programmer. The funny thing is, we’re in a park. It’s next to the 2 building. At lunch time, my programmer boyfriend kept talking about the project he was developing. Sometimes I look at his mouth eating and talking all the time. I can’t help wondering if he’s selling.

my last boyfriend was a philosophy student. Master. I reported to cherish the panda like mood, cherish this master’s degree of communication. Not for anything else, but for philosophy, the 2 sacred word. My master of philosophy, my boyfriend, really took my expectations and taught me


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