Baidu will not let the world have a free lunch, SEOER should be transformed into SEM

nearly a year, Baidu algorithm updated several times, every update is to the small and medium-sized webmaster fatal blow. Now the situation is even more worrying, Baidu was originally the main blow medical, edge ball and other industries, but now it seems that other industries are also very hurt ah, are somewhat affected by some implicated. After this time and again adjustments, Wuhan SEO website optimization consultant Mr. Anze believes that Baidu is now more confusion. Hit the medical station, and now the trend is going to the news source development, and now the portal issued false medical information a lot of the existence of. But the people of portal is regressed, the ranking is awesome, ranked in the first few pages are basically that several news portal website. A downturn in the industry is bound to lead to an industry boom, a web site that sells links has been hit, and news sources have been praised. Say to say, Baidu or useless, change what, the only change is us, we play different. We are your own website, do stand group do optimization rank transformation, we do the others website optimization ranking transformation now, this is Never mind how much the house we were before, now we have only changed a way of life, now the country not to buy, we can not only cover, renters, Baidu ranking rules now is the truth, who said not, for


SEO is what to do, we always do not understand that many SEOer webmaster friends did not understand what we are doing or do what rank? But I know that we need is the conversion rate of BOSS. There is no realization of the value of a ranking by hunting! Many SEOER sometimes too rigid, is a tendon, is to feel very Niubi, must take the rankings do go up, but you have not thought about how long you can host? Baidu will let you stay? SEO said white is a a gray industry, is a loophole in the occupation, we like the apple IPHONE jailbreak, you have escaped but Apple Corp has been constantly upgrading in perfect constantly. Similarly, the Baidu algorithm has been constantly changing, and SEO is a challenging, time sensitive job that requires a very keen sense of touch.

had a good saying before, the content is king, the chain is emperor. But now you try it, the cost of SEO is getting higher and higher. But this cost is not only the cost of financial resources, perhaps a previous site does not need to update the content, it will be issued outside the chain, buy buy links, website ranking up. But is it possible now? It’s impossible now. Now you have money to buy links, ranking also can not go up, so more users experience and web content above, this problem has been plagued by small and medium-sized adsense. After all, there is not so much energy for original content. If so, is that SEO also called SEO? SEO is cheating, tips ranking, and now Baidu one size fits all approach, let us SEOER how to live?


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