Knight the nternet is the secret of making money

07 years ago, and even 05-06 years ago, Google’s money is the best to earn, of course, the premise is to have a flow station, in the online money making many webmasters, no money, of course, the webmaster more. As the QQ space code, QQ expression, Wangzhuan forum, PW, legend, words, which the keyword is not money? It is a question of keyword into the search engine before the five to earn money


keyword ranking requires SEO skills, and SEO takes time, constantly upgrade the site, and constantly upgrade the value of the website is to do digital, you grasp the ability to upgrade numbers, you will succeed. For example, you don’t PR station, you through continuous promotion, post, you PR to 2, and you again and PR3 chain, buy PR4 several links, you upgraded to PR4. Always upgrade the value, you GOOGLE weight up. Every day you update the content of the site, you included today dozens of articles, you a month after a few K articles, a year a few W articles, through your continuous efforts to improve the value, your traffic naturally also come up. IP, that is, numerical value, do is the weight value, including numerical value, flow value. Grasp the ability to upgrade and control the Internet value is the ability to master money!


below, the knight and you say a case of using BBS to create wealth:

, for example, do a targeted forum community, a group of people into the forum, how to make them active post, the first year is the key point,

I met a forum, two years ago is a small small web site, and now is a big site, faster than I developed N times. Now the flow is more than 5W, he is doing TXT novel, made forum model. To download TXT e-books, you must have an integral. That is, you need to upload a TXT novel to download, so he updated himself every day, and accumulated a quick W novel, traffic has several K. People come up, and see a good novel download, you have to upload new novels to download, a lot of people who read novels, many of their computer TXT novel is not deleted, you can upload to the forum. This point has WEB2.0 mode,

forum community WEB2.0 model, one year ahead of their own efforts, the latter through the user’s own updates, released later, do not update, collect money every day. Like Knight recently modeled on such a model, the new 28 star network (, copy its operating model, promotion model, profit model, and so on. Of course, the knight site is more, not plan to operate it immediately, but let search engine early included, accumulate its domain name and site history, lay a solid foundation for the future. In fact, in the early years, websites such as CSDN and programmers have developed such models, which require integration and access to uploaded resources. In this model, users upload nearly 77W of resources, which are assets, because each resource is downloaded by users


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