Less detours, just to do the station’s new webmaster, a personal advice

today after the update to the community around! I always inadvertently in some posts on your station ~ haha ~ but just do some new Adsense station question made me feel the need to say ~ master and bypass the old owners do not have to waste time Oh ~~

in fact, I also count as a new webmaster, more experience than novices, less money and knowledge than veteran, ~

just when there is a website, when junior high school, with a small station, to high school has a more popular station. Later because of preparing for the college entrance examination and college entrance examination now abandoned ~ the end of summer long to my hobbies and interests to ~


although only a few years time, but also unsuspectingly hit the wall many times, almost new webmaster may suffer setbacks and challenges I face ~ now, a little better, not silly in misunderstanding, but once again fell into trouble ~


of course not talking about technology today, I will not, I talk about the transition from a new webmaster to a relatively new webmaster experience obtained, I hope the new station will be able to help. Take less detours, ~

website problem one: website space

I think this is the most important problem considered by the site. No space, no stage,


general approach is to Baidu search for free! I think first with the idea of free is very good, especially for those who will build as a hobby and sideline, first need not buy a pay space! A free space, I think this is on your web site or program called kernel operation figure skilled, or master some skills in a good way! Until almost ready to pay, this can avoid the waste of resources ~

but I used in the free space in the heap to touch them! For one another, for fear of what the mainland foreign die!, apply a lot, only to find that the original is a waste of time! Some new Adsense may see where there is a free space for the right to apply for a in fact, this is not necessary!! I can definitely say on free space to hold station (sponsorship is not) is not the reason is that the light of day ~ free space that hung hung, there is no reason to worry all day! You struggling to transfer data rather than a few money to buy a toll free space so effortless! Is not, that you can make a good use of the hands of


website two: Web content covers the whole world,

I think this is also a lot of disadvantages of

new Adsense! The establishment of the first time, the content is too wide too broad! Such a forum, set up columns with entertainment, sports, chat, shopping and entertainment, beauty and so on, which also subdivided what gossip, dynamic, pursuit and so on the plate! Who will help you on! You just set up a forum! There is no one to all! And the range of pan a few fatal defect.


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