Women suffering from breast hyperplasia, four main female health network

a, mental factors

in recent years, epidemiological survey of breast hyperplasia showed that the city is more than the rural areas, the big cities are more than the small and medium-sized cities, and the professional women are more than the non professional women and rural women. The more the development of society, the more intense competition, the greater the pressure, the body endocrine disorders. Coupled with the impact of social factors, the temptation of a variety of desires, so that the spirit of high tension, thinking is becoming more and more complex. With the theory of Chinese medicine, this situation is always let people in depressed mood, poor blood, stagnation of liver Qi state. Modern medicine believes that the pathogenesis of breast hyperplasia is mainly due to endocrine hormone imbalance, which has been the consensus of the academic community. But what exactly is the kind of hormone in what kind of environment what kind of disorder, there is no clear understanding.

two, dietary factors

bad eating habits – the situation is more common in young women. Three meals a day, sunrise and sunset is the nature of human existence, however, now young women are often social nightlife, all through the night, do not get up in the morning, do not eat breakfast, two meals a day or even a meal, living a law, a long time, lead to endocrine disorders, caused by hyperplasia of mammary glands. A variety of Hot pot in the winter is especially popular, Malatang, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, hot and dry noodles and other kinds of snacks are also many, the diet should eat less, only occasionally eat one or two meals, if long-term consumption, easy to cause human endocrine and metabolic disorders, caused by hyperplasia of mammary glands. The food safety problem is becoming more and more serious, it is difficult to eat natural, natural and safe food, some of the potential harm is more and more obvious.

three, environmental factors

automobile exhaust, enterprise waste gas wastewater…… The harm of environmental pollution to health has become increasingly prominent.

four, other factors

lactation acute mastitis treatment is not complete, and the people, long-term oral contraceptives can cause endocrine disorders, estrogen and progesterone metabolism disorder, caused by abnormal hyperplasia of mammary epithelial cells, causing hyperplasia of mammary glands.

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