How to build a successful Taobao media (two)

in the last article 2014 from the media will fire how to build a successful Taobao customers from the media, and the share of the macro to create many problems, since the media today, and everyone in the specific share, how to use the QQ operation from the media space.

QQ space operation from the media, not to that point, cost saving domain and space, mainly for space flow and with the aid of QQ platform, its core elements, is to add a friend, in addition, there are some details, many of my friends did not notice, thus wasting a lot of views, then, one by one this with you:

one, give presents,

as shown in the following picture, in QQ space, there is a gift giving function, which is a disguised reminder, can improve the relationship between friends.


as long as you opened QQ space, this function does not need to pay, and gift giving, well, at least most of the virtual products, do not need to pay, so we can think, if your friend gave a gift to you, even if it is free, you will also have the attention to this person, at least you will know that there is such a thing.

in real life, I go with friends, this is a way to promote feelings, on the Internet, so it is.

two, the use of QQ album

QQ is a dynamic space as everyone knows, the automatic sorting according to the time order, if you don’t have many friends of the user, you can browse to the dynamic, but if you look carefully, you will find that in fact in the QQ space, with a very good free advertising, photo albums, such as shown below:


This album is

QQ space automatic recommendation system, which include consideration of views, like the number of points, the number of reproduced and so on, if your album contains interesting pictures, then, can increase a chance to show.

so the QQ album is also a drain point that needs to be operated.

three, with tools

the tool including but not limited to QQ space, QQ space on random point like, QQ space group comments and so on, these tools can generally be found in the online free open-source version, if you did not find the relevant software on the Internet, you can contact me, free of charge, this can get traffic, is often pan traffic is not accurate.

tool, is not accurate, but at least it is true if you want to quickly increase traffic, visitors can use the traffic flow wizard, like treasure brush flow software however, such behavior is self deception, but also affects the normal statistics for visitors, I personally do not recommend this.


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