How to analyze websites in the direction that you don’t have them

for the website webmaster, you operate independently of a web site, you need to know your site where the advantages and disadvantages at the same time, you also need to know your website development space where, after facing what kind of opportunity and what kind of risks, the most important thing is that you need to know you must know the future direction, make a comprehensive analysis of the site, so how do we go to analyze your website.

found a website from the line to walk slowly always make mistakes, always in a variety of errors continue to grow, so we don’t be afraid of making mistakes, we don’t have analysis website, because the analysis of the site itself is not an easy thing, the overall analysis on the website of the individual to think from five aspects.

first: the advantages of website development

for a web site, whether you are a company or individual operators, whether you are a personal site or enterprise site, you always want your website is to bring benefit to you, said bluntly that money can not bring money to your website, I want you their operating companies also do not have what meaning, not to mention it.


site is also the advantage, positioning and value, we must first locate a good site specifically what to do today, don’t do this, do that tomorrow, resulting in what has not done, we don’t do and all things, Ma Yun is not to say that the small and beautiful things, we are doing fine, special do, let the user feel satisfied with our most good things available to users.

then, we want to understand the user to our site for users is certainly not going to a junk page content is old-fashioned, the old site, we want to understand our website can bring to the user what, or that I have the same website and online than what greater value than it wasgood that is not with the others do not like, how much difference, in fact, find their own advantages, then take out their own advantages so that users of the popular show, has become a kind of inevitable. We are not for the user carrying value, looking for value, but let users find our value, use our value, so that the user’s stickiness will be higher, the site will go farther.

second: disadvantages of website development

said the site had to say some disadvantages, why dare to big companies do market competition in the premise down to harm the interests of the users, I think everyone knows that this is because the user needs, and have to use. So every product in the Internet is a copy, why don’t we go with a copy, but still choose to hurt the product yourself, I think this is because the replica simply can not meet the needs of users, which reflects the disadvantages. And the disadvantages of this aspect, on the one hand is the technology above, on the one hand, the service above, there are some others really do better than us, we should find ourselves


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