After letting a hundred flowers bloom, can the local website usher in a new baptism

said the local site, I believe that most people are not strange, 19 floor, Xicihutong and other major sites seem to exist in our memory. But at any time, these websites are beginning to decline, and even more daring to speculate that local websites are going to die.

local portal from the birth, and then to barbaric growth, once a hundred flowers bloom, and now is the two division, and later emerge in an endless stream. In places such as WeChat like bamboo shoots after a spring rain to rise rapidly, vertical websites have begun to erode the market, in the local market by domestic trouble and foreign invasion, the site caused by strong extrusion, traffic gradually cooling.

‘s declining BBS has made many people lament that the community is dead".

The benefits of

local websites

, as a local website, provides local focus on the information that is most important to you, so local hotspots are essential. Local hot topics, events, users are most concerned about, the crowd targeted.

local markets and sites are becoming more sophisticated, such as group buying, second-hand housing, decoration, etc., there are many opportunities and space.

life difficulties, network help, you can get more public help, but also to build a dialogue between the government and the public platform, to play a better role in allowing local people to participate in urban construction of all.

here think of it at the beginning of a small school, a classmate to help small early to Xicihutong post, because the local government has repeatedly said to the road has as yet no action, a great impact on the residents.


does not know the concrete result, but can see that the local website has provided such a platform truly, has the significance of the local website truly.

but in the past few years, the impact of local doors has come in waves. A few years ago micro-blog, the two years WeChat public number and all kinds of app, once the scene of the local portal, generally faced with the flow, posting volume, user activity dropped sharply predicament.

local gateway’s arch rival,

number one is WeChat public. Whether the news, local government, local news agencies, etc., basically set up a public number, simple and clear. Who is this who is convenient, but also to pay attention to advertising is full of local portal? Vest APP CEO Ma Yong said: the reason why the rise of WeChat circle of friends, because he has a twin brother and sister — WeChat public number, quality content really comes from the public.

two is classified information. Eating and drinking group, hungry, there are Baidu Nuomi; recruitment Zhaopin recruitment, 58 city; traffic has excellent step, drop taxi; news has today’s headlines and major news sites.

therefore, the advantages of local websites are gradually decreasing.


industry has collapsed? No! Not only that, it may usher in.


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