How can the electricity supplier enterprises cope with the vicious competition of their counterparts

said, "colleagues are friends" this sentence is not wrong, you do an industry is to face competition in the same industry, because in addition to state-owned enterprises, it is impossible to monopolize an industry. Even in the oil industry, there are oil and Sinopec, not to other industries. Business competition is often brutal, we will make some seem less moral thing in the face of temptation, but in the "winner Wang Hou, the loser thief" and there will be several shopping malls have the moral spirit of enterprise? Qihoo 360 CEO, Zhou Hongyi participated in Hunan TV entertainment talk show at once and the host played an example, Zhou said: "if you are an Internet search company CEO, one night I let you evaporate 1/5 (10 billion) of the market, will you?" the host immediately said: "I don’t care, I have 40 billion." Zhou immediately said: "your realm is too high, I go back to contact this company, recommend you to do their CEO."." Although this is a joke, but what Internet companies CEO competitors face the blow, it is impossible to have such a heart. Even through unfair competition can not win the case, will choose to "black" opponent.

‘s "black" adversary means sending some negative information to competitors in the network, so it has spawned a network industry. That is a strong network of water army, these people are dedicated to accept Internet companies invited to competitors to create negative information, or to do business positive information. The Internet has always been an open platform, with absolute freedom of speech, as long as your speech is not anti national, anti human behavior, you can express your point of view. Of course, the negative news for the electricity supplier enterprises, is absolutely a fatal blow, when shopping online, people usually make up their minds, and maintain a certain degree of skepticism about the product. Will search for some product related information on the Internet, if this time he saw a negative information on this product, then he will certainly not buy this product. It’s like you’re shopping on Taobao, looking at this stuff, but suddenly there’s a bad comment in the comments. Then you will be shaken, if the poor written and well founded so you won’t buy this thing, 100 from all but 1 bad harm. This is why Taobao owner saw someone to the poor for the poor will sichanlanda to delete, if the man insisted on not delete the words a little shop owner will have a kind of hatred for the man by some "things" in the past.

competitors will have competition, competition in the face of opponents should not choose this extreme way to revenge opponents. There are a lot of small vendors selling snacks at the company downstairs, and every lunchtime I go downstairs with my colleagues to buy lunch. Because the whole building is a company, so the hawkers’ business is also very good, and there is a competition between them. A well done stall will be crowded with people and not very tasty


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