My view on ways to retain website visitors.

on the Internet soon fought for so many years, regardless of the company or their own websites are done, according to many years of experience, I found a reason: to attract users to the site up is important, but if the user does not stay is all in vain.

see many posts on the network, such as search engine optimization, write text, buy keywords, etc. How to attract users to the article very much, but how to keep visitors are not many.

many people would say, "do not retain users is to do the content?" of course, the content for retaining users is very important, or else there will be "content is king" such statement. In order to make the content a lot of people love to reprint articles others, or simply do the same and zhuaxia specifically on the acquisition of information of others to enrich themselves. Tentatively, whether it is original or reproduced, but even if the content of the site is substantial, but also need to have a prerequisite, and this prerequisite is often overlooked. That is to let the user know that you have an update on your site. You may say, I put up a user every day in the home district dedicated updates do not have? Do you think that, since users already know where your update area, it must be your old customers, those who once might forget your new user name (estimated 80%), they will know? Do you have a second chance to your visitors to show you how good


see here. Maybe you already know what you’re going to do. Of course, inform your users of changes in your website. The first thought is to email them? And whether our website have the function to record the user’s email address, even if there is that how many users will fill out the address? We have no way of


is holding the idea I go online to find a lot of information, then see a website called Aotol provides a method to keep our website visitors, the site itself is to check with the update. It is on this page ( provides a HTML code, if we put this code to our website to the above words, a "focus on the web page update" icon will appear. After this user opens our website click on this icon, the Aotol system will be issued to the user update reminders, so that visitors have updated on our website, prompting them to return to our website, and let them become our regular users. And the flow that this forms is stable traffic, it is the real foundation strength that makes the website bigger slowly. In this respect, there may be other ways, but I think this method is very reliable.

wrote so much at once, thank you all for listening to my long winded remarks.


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