Yesterday, earn 200, talk about blog financing plan again

wrote an article in A5 last year, called "blogging is actually a financial plan" (you can go and see it first). First, the blog here means free blogs, such as Sina, NetEase and so on. When I wrote this article, many people couldn’t understand what I really meant. Many people thought it was unlikely to make money on these blogs, nor did they have so much patience to keep so many blogs. From April last year, a chance, I found that blog can be very good use, used to do SEO, very good, and frankly, SEO is used to make money.

, and since then, I’ve been blogging through the current promotion, or SEO. What I don’t understand with than a month on the blog, and then try to give the first customers with free blog promotion, of course, is sure to be so many blog software to help, and then spent a few hundred dollars to buy a blog tool, once built 20 to her blog she is to do foreign trade, jewelry business, the network can say what all don’t understand, also do not have their own website, I was through some understanding of the blog began to try to make her promotion of wholesale jewelry, she promised me to pay 400 yuan promotion expenses, a month soon, I would like to promote. Well, some of the key words are made up by my blog, with the passage of time, the amount of information sent more and more sure, blog ranking is also very stable, most of the time, the Baidu home page is half my blog from 1-8 page Can I find the promotion page, blog, can let the information on to the Baidu home page, can make information throughout the network, it has a lot of people to find you, she give me feedback, said someone with her QQ, also have to call her, I said you insist again one array plus, your QQ client and call your customers will be more and more, her customers are mainly in Beijing and Shanghai’s two largest city, in the blog promotion in almost every week I will take the initiative to ask her about the promotion of business, 2-3 months later, the effect is very obvious, her clients are more and more, the business is getting better.

because of my promotion to her business has a very good development, so three months after she told me that I give you 600 yuan monthly promotion fee from the next month, so the customer can get trust and reward can be said to me very strong motivation, also in this year, it can be said that in my blog promotion help her to buy their own cars, and rented a large warehouse, delivery workers added several, until today, all her promotion or by me, she still does not have its own website.

later this year just passed, she didn’t find me, that I may not need to extend this year, so I ask about it, she said: "definitely find your promotion! I felt a burst of joy, at least light this year this can be said to have more than 7000 pieces of hand. (here to say a few words, I told the customer with very understanding, 11 per month, I never to urge her to, she take the initiative to contact me directly, Alipay hit over money. Start >


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