Printing industry website overall optimization and promotion experience

own SEO to optimize this industry calculate also have more than two years, hand optimized products website of medical industry, exhibition industry, dance industry, is currently in the hands of the optimization of printing industry. How to optimize the printing industry website? What’s the difference between the promotion methods in the printing industry and other industries? Next, I’ll talk about my personal experience.

started from the printing industry website optimization, website optimization in the station optimization and stood outside optimization, the author just contact the printing industry, with great enthusiasm to invest in something (oh, said the cause is exaggerated). But I just got assigned to the printing site, I did not see a problem, what, I carefully study the internal structure, dumbfounded, website structure inside the first column and not reading pages inside the crawling spider can extend in all directions, even reading the layout of the page are "cliff". Why is the cliff? The author found that each page in addition to reading, no connection to the other link bait, more let me "sick" is even "on page" and "next page" are not. After a few days, I finally solved these problems. I think I only the hands of the printing site is such that later in the online printing stations throughout this, find a lot of common station structure is not reasonable, we feel that the site is estimated to be used for display.

on the second, printing on the front page of the site layout and user experience, most of the printing site into the future I can not find the north, do not know the site where the focus, the website is mainly used to do. Do you think it’s true that most printing companies set up websites to guide potential customers and reach orders?. However, what is the most important website customer? Certainly not to care about the printing industry news and printing skills? Most customers care about is you printing what are the advantages? Concern is that you can do what printing printing products, care is what you have successful cases. In fact, many print websites now have this problem.

talked about some of the optimization of personal views in the station, then talk about the construction of the printing industry outside the chain. In fact, the construction of the chain and other industries in general, almost to some forums, blogs, bookmarks, directories submitted, friends chain platform, questions and answers, classification information, which released the chain. But how to build our printing industry chain of high quality? There are a few small personal experience: 1, in the housing question and answer the question and answer, and ask the Sohu (old account) inside the question and answer some questions about the printing industry, and then add their own site outside the chain. 2, you can register more weight high BBS, every day to update a print related articles, adhere to for a month without links, etc after included in the construction of the chain. 3, insist on every day to send several printing industry classification information. Finally, go to the major forums and publish some interesting news related to printing. Other high quality chain channels are also very much


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