The girl said to me, you must make a lot of money when you build this station.

this article is the establishment of Secret Love Island emotional talk forum health advisory inspiration.

I’ve been a webmaster for years, but I’m still a small station owner. Well, I had such a big dream as Ma Yun. I had a lot of revenge, but he was better than anyone else. There are countless PF in my heart.


network is strange. Like sister Furong, aunt level characters have made a profit, why we desperately struggling small webmaster or suffering in the first network. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and I can’t figure it out. Every day I drink alcohol. I’m confused. I do not know what I should do at the end of the station, in order to be able to me on the history of a network myth, give me this little webmaster in the network to live for reasons.

can no longer light silly, such as eight quit general, nothing to do. I decided to go out for a walk. I’ve been working as a senior executive for a long time, and my health is overdrawn. Go out, that is conducive to physical and mental health, but also open up horizons. I’m not sure. What other unexpected ideas will happen?.

‘s desire to achieve the dream of being the romance network myth, so go out. It’s dark and cold. Aimless. Anyway, let’s go on the road. I don’t know how long it’s been. Hearing someone say, "Hello, looking for gold with your head bent?"". "The one who picked the gold. What about you?"". I turned my head and looked like a beautiful girl. I giggled and said, "say me!"". She came to you. Is there anyone else on the way?". That’s true. I didn’t notice it. It was dark, and there were not many people on the road. "Come in and play for a while."". Thought, anyway, nothing, and went in.

"I’m good ah, I wash my head on the line, get a massage". "Well," the woman said.

our communication has begun. After she knew the reason why I was depressed, we talked in depth for a long time. So that after the guests, she did not care.

what she said is very useful, although she does not know what the site is how to do it, her words, I want to master a lot of help. I summed up.

one, can not afford to buy space on the establishment of text station. Like looking for young lady, young can not afford to be older, a little bigger is feasible, the key can solve the urgency of the moment. If you are a small webmaster, there is not much money, then build a text station. Text station saves space. Even the forum, estimated a sanwubo M is enough.

two, not too cheap to buy space. As miss miss, cabbage prices must be careful, it is possible not to taste loss. I understand, you bought 10 dollars a G space, maybe the site has just been built, just added a little content, just a little membership, suddenly, the site can not open anymore. Can not contact the seller, the data can not come back, it is a waste. I have had this experience, with the free space, alas, gone for a month.

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