What articles are more attractive to users from personal social networking sites

today saw a news article is happy net, roughly content is this: happy net development up to now this scale, the number of users has seen a sharp decline in the game because of periodic lots of old users are tired, the old user appears large fluctuations, because now every day happy net enrollment objectively so looks like little change.

so I just want to walk the road of what my own website gathering network in the end, how in the network location, party game is what kind of game? And how to ensure the old users steadily enhanced active users, network game online games as the party that is complex and cultural narrative for two or three years, not bad situation, is not as simple as FLASH gorgeous. It is between the middle and different from the web game, which can be a more innovative experience of small applications, in the face of such an application, how to adjust the direction of the site?

reported on happy net news, happy net is like this, it through the application of implantation in small event broadcast, to improve user stickiness, for example, some time ago the happy net Xinhua TV, in addition, because of the small application is not a pure game mode, is to provide services and convenient for users to plug so, happy net can develop the corresponding plug-ins, such as post plug-in, in the body of interest at the same time, let the companion understand timely reprint information more, can also improve the user viscosity. These methods are very good, but it requires a large capital investment, relatively service will not be a shortage of funds,? Oh, I think the party is not do that, at least in the short term will not do so, first of all, the party is a small application network provided by the developers, developers will be based on insufficient the user application improved constantly, update frequency, and we focus on the user experience and user service, each link users up, so that we can establish their own center of gravity. Improve the user interest and improve service experience, think about it if you play a long and no one cares, no one will solve the problem, what is the value?, but this is not enough, the site must have a position, the party is kind of domestic social networking sites, providing a community platform, in addition to let users enjoy the latest and most complete entertainment, allowing users to experience more convenient life, homes will be able to know what is the most fun, what the most preferential. At the same time save time, relax mood.

success of happy net is worthy of our reference, see this news release, also have a little bit of feelings, think like happy net success, every day also adhere to the steady, not rash. We should do to do service, do the content.

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