Read again use the nternet products of human weakness (1) greed


[core tip] Although Internet products are more widely defined, the weaknesses of humanity are not made up. This article is for the re interpretation of the Internet series using human weakness: Article 1: greed

three years ago, the geeks park has a series of Internet use of human weakness observed in turn from the article, "greedy" and "lust" and "vanity", "peep", "lazy" in terms of clearance of a variety of Internet products how to make use of the weakness of human nature to promote and advance.

after three years, Internet products have become a general term, in addition to narrower Internet products, it also includes mobile Internet products, wearable devices as well as the rise in recent years with the Internet thinking to re create the hardware etc.. In the past three years, although the Internet product definition is broader, the weakness of humanity has not been made up. This is the first reading of the series: greed.

no doubt, "greed is the backbone of sales."". In fact, greed has a more vulgar name, "do cheap". Three years ago, buy, buy, spike, draw the most crazy time. And now, "hundred regiments war", "thousand gang war" has become the past, the competition has basically stabilized in the field of buying, daily life, buy movies and buy a restaurant has become a habit. As for the point purchase, reverse buy, spike has basically become the past, the lottery also tends to a normal and stable marketing tool, without the kind of manic forward. So what are the human greed nature of these three years?.


storage space

Recently, SkyDrive

capacity and "race", even with BUG in Baidu marketing "2 gross capacity of 100GB a year later, the successful A round of financing the Kingsoft disk to each user to increase 100GB permanent free space, then know that ordinary users psychological 360 also started giving users 360GB permanent free space activities. In this way, micro-blog "happy" forwarding share, a few days ago is still in between SkyDrive 5GB-10GB capacity, instant several times to 100GB/400GB.

but how many SkyDrive users do you use up to a few hundred GB? That’s definitely not enough.


Microsoft will SkyDrive new users free space capacity dropped from 25GB to 7GB, had done a survey (Via LiveSina), 99.94% of SkyDrive users only use less than 7GB capacity.

why should users participate in activities since they can not use them?.

SkyDrive doesn’t just look at capacity. Service is the main thing. It happens that Dropbox is doing something too recently


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