Poor stationmaster’s starting Road

did not stand the funds, really painful to the point. Bought a computer 2 hands, long before the Athlon 3000+ is not 64. 512 note. 40G hard disk. It cost 1200. 512K broadband installed. 99 per month (no doubt, different places)

buy corn money is one point, do not say space. I found a forum posting, 3 cents for each post. Boy made a whole day to buy a CN meter. 16 pieces, 9 hairs, 8… Space is more painful, Taobao picked a 5 yuan a month of foreign space. 500M 10G traffic. (later, this space for sale is gone and space is still available.. Half a year. The stability is pretty good.


did 3 days, Baidu included. First break 200IP happy. Start optimizing keywords. Throw data to the station. Look at Baidu search. Day IP5000 is too relaxing. Programmed for DEDE. But there is no collection. All the key to manually find and think of other people when searching the habit of playing characters (I am 9 years old K6 net has been mixed here just to have a little bit of data) the station began to apply for GGAD. It’s easy to pass. It’s 8-9 knives a day..

domestic league times found that the data are not very ideal, the world I paid Wynn users registered a total of 12 people. Wynn to the 1 volume (oh,,, even if cheating is impossible) from 38ADS put a click on the class is 100IP10 block. Now it’s 200IP, only 9.. Dizzy.. Not so well.

PR eBay also passed, but not propaganda. No more, the code has been disqualified. This station calculate it into several RMB. Now, the forum posted more than 20 meters… Do it. Do not do every day by a garbage station, do not starve to death only. Is it easy? Actually, it’s easy. Key words play well (don’t collect it, no matter, lazy can’t earn money)

someone said Baidu banned the garbage station, yeah, it was blocked. But don’t cheat. Garbage stations should also have the characteristics of a garbage dump. Don’t make the subject wrong. In that case, even if I’m a Baidu man, I’ll seal it. We do not cry up wine and sell vinegar.

do not less than the income of large station group. Look what you did. Some people say that the small group wants the server… (you have money, I don’t care.) remember. Don’t be the world only lazy, no poor. Look how you get rid of poverty. Oh. Tired


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