Talking about the type of website that needs forum assistance

himself is not. So far, there has been no successful website. A5’s success is more envy, this is not flattering words, because a lot of people feel that way, right?.

well, let’s get down to business: what type of Web site needs a forum to help,


please allow me to secrecy, I first talk about my opinion on the forum. First, active members. The main function of the forum is to discuss, a topic can have a lot of members to participate in the discussion, of course, this topic needs a bit of strength, and this forum also needs to be popular. Second, forums can well know that those are active members. Many applications can be used to see which members backstage is loyal to your web site, even the tourists also can be analyzed through the IP address, and a forum for discussing the participation of more objectively reflect the quality of active members (for example is to send advertising or to acquire resources). Third, the forum adapts to the development of the network. The development of the forum program has clearly tells us that the development of the network is diverse, your site should not only keep up with technology, also to keep up with competitors, but also must have the innovation, must be a lot, but this really can do? Can improve the function of the forum to your site, blank to fill.

even though I don’t have a website that has a good hand, there are a lot of websites that are silly to die in my hand. Please allow me to say so. But I was A5 and Chinaz’s loyal readers, also secretly go to see a lot of friends website. So, as an outsider, I clearly see what types of websites need forums to support.

this is a must, and even can be used to Business Forum: novels, sports, games, digital, automotive, financial, emotional, local, IT, education, fashion, pet, animation (such as careless omission, please forgive me). There are many successful examples of the side, tiger, 19 floor, ylmf, really beyond count. These all have a common characteristic, namely has certain interest hobby, or is the same circle of people. I talk to the wind. I began to contact for 07 years, I have an account, but did not send a post, has been diving. What is our development depends on the unknown, I said, you know. I am here with him is his change, his plate change is big, but his members did not leave here, one of the reasons is that his core did not change, still is discussed for system and software, and open up the OS plate, which is unique.

The following is

I don’t think that’s needed to support the Forum: Mall, recruitment, email, download, query, horoscopes, jokes, life information, tourism, shopping, pictures, video and music (such as missing or wrong, please forgive me). A lot of websites are in the transformation of efforts, through interaction to increase traffic or volume, which is the inevitability of network development. But all of the above sites have one feature, >


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