The same can be done without spending money

now network promotion layer out, can be roughly divided into two categories: first, the need for investment promotion; second, is free promotion.

promotion platform is also a variety of small sum up:

major forums:

forum above the promotion of many ways, the most effective is undoubtedly the forum ad show. The ad position of the forum can introduce a lot of traffic, but the advertising fee for one year is also very frightening.

secondly, is not to spend money promotion methods, such as manual soft text release, or your signature, link to your own web site above. Properly operated, it can also introduce very expensive traffic.

search engine:

search engine promotion, Baidu should be king in china. The general form is to make a website and then distribute keywords. When your website comes to the top, the user’s hits are quite large.

search engine promotion can also be divided into spending, and do not spend money. Spend money, is more intuitive bidding rankings, who out of the high prices, who ranked first, it is worth mentioning that, Baidu ranking, accounting for the top five, always bidding. The advantage is obvious, that is, a lot of traffic. The disadvantage is also obvious, according to the point of billing, spending money such as flowing water, once no money, ranking is gone.

after no money, or not how much money, that is, SEO, through a series of operations, so that their website ranked "Wuxi website construction" this keyword home page, and remain unchanged. The advantage is that once you line up, you won’t worry about falling off, and the traffic is expensive. The disadvantages are obvious, too long and complicated.

classified information network information release:

, let’s talk about the three kind of information release. To major information classification platform release information, such as 58, go to the market, people, are ultra high flow of the kind, find the corresponding section, such as "Wuxi website construction" this category. Cloud Xuan some of the list of technology, but also by 58 come in, it can be said that the effect is yes.

The promotion of

classification information website also has two kinds, one is the need to spend money on top, as the major search engines, several former occupied by sticky information. In the classification of information on the Internet top, Baidu effect is not obvious. But the cost is not less, because it is monthly or package year.

does not need to spend money, how is the free information release, the influence ranking factor also very simple, who sends late, who is in above. But each information is divided into the website, the number of releases is fixed, the average day can only send 2-3.

BLOG promotes

where there is flow, there is promotion. Now many blogs have high popularity, and some blogs can even exceed some forum websites. This is also >


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