On soft text copyright and network conscience

we know that the newspaper once adopted, there is money. But there is no money in the network. But there will always be gains. Because of all the articles, you should always print the author’s name and publicize the product by the way. This invisible, you can do publicity for yourself. What we often publish, which does not involve news of major political, military or social events, is called "soft Wen". Many people think that soft Wen is soft advertising. This view is one-sided and wrong.

soft Wen, does not count the article? Of course, count the article; soft text, there is no copyright, of course, copyright. Some people may say that soft advertising is not? Of course not, only with advertising function; some people may say that, the Internet is not without copyright? You copied my you reprint, who planted fixed copyright? Although there is no copyright fee, but there is still a copyright, is a must respect. Copyright, also known as copyright, refers to the rights of the author of literature, art, and scientific works to his works. There are two ways to obtain copyright: automatic acquisition and registration. In our country, according to the copyright law, the works are automatically copyrighted. The so-called "completion" is relatively speaking, as long as the creation of the object has met the statutory conditions for the composition of the works, both as a copyright protection works.

speaks of copyright, who has no choice about the chaos of Internet copyright protection. As a rule, the others basically copy the default. The Internet, welcome others zhengju, a reference, but look down on others the whole chapter according to the existing references, the. Isn’t that a reward for the effort of others? You step on someone’s shoulder, don’t ask if someone else is willing to do it,


inadvertently visited Webmaster Station Chinaz today, and there was an article on the home page calling the July 3rd issue in the Chinaz forum, which caught my attention. This article is called "leave the search engines, non mainstream sites rely on what to survive" (see: Chinaz home "webmaster club" column). The title is not so familiar, we released in July 2nd with the title of the article Admin5? (see: from the search engine non mainstream sites also rely on what life). And when I saw the end of the article, the article was signed: "a network.". We felt very strange, why not sign Chinese Internet? This is not our article? I think later: Yes, this is the Webmaster Station, not the station network, our paper is published in stationmaster net (Admin5), so this article appeared in Chinaz very strange. The reason can only be: plagiarism, theft name. We also have exclusive blogs in Chinaz, and we also publish articles on Chinaz, but because Chinaz may be too high for the article, we still like to publish more articles on Admin5. This article is only published on our own website www.yhlink.com and webmaster www.admin5.com, and the date of publication (July 2nd) can be shown in July


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