Station observation traffic and users’ opinions

2010 the webmaster is still gloomy days, even now has heard some voices, NPC and CPPCC, but can be predicted, China Internet 2010 is difficult to have a sunny day, a few days ago and friends chatting, chatting to a topic, traffic and users, do not know how to master in 2010 look at.

traffic is money, traffic is standard, this is a familiar phrase in the webmaster circle, see a website, traffic is often very important standard. So, SEO is so popular, but also can be said to be caused by A5 flow, many articles, many of which are introduced to the whole flow of things, such as a XXX, then there was a whole, are on the whole flow.


finished, first of all to admire people, it is people, but there is one of the biggest problems, always makes me a little knot, because I was after reading an article, open a link, see things, but not I do not want to see, in a sense. This traffic but harm their own website.

one, traffic is not equal to the user.

SEO can lead to a flow, the method can lead to a flow, but what is the purpose of attracting traffic? Fleeting, the simple pursuit of traffic just garbage station, 2010 is not when the dumpster, then you attract traffic to you and what are the benefits? 10 thousand a day of traffic, as well as 10 friends to your post


two, traffic is easy to obtain, users hard to find.

know, Search ask, post code, and so on, as long as you bother to get traffic, is actually not difficult, as long as you are willing to accumulate, the flow will naturally rise, if you think you have the information, you every day to see Baidu Search Ranking or GOOGLE search list for popular words to write original I believe, the absolute flow will follow, but the biggest problem, traffic is easy, the user is hard to find, the user as the locust family, close close, your site is gone with the wind.

three, large traffic is not as good as users.

site towards specialization, to the content, this is the personal website after 2009 trend, which marks the location of direction, that is to say, users encounter a problem, the first thought is to go to solve this problem, although this consciousness now is not very strong, but with the progress and the development of the Internet, this is definitely the tendency of development of the Internet where.

is not to say that traffic is not important, because of a traffic flow is a user, and the user is no way to separate the relationship, not only because of traffic flow, and needs to be changed because the user flow, through the accumulation of flow, flow into your own user. I think this is the webmaster in front of a serious change of thinking strategy!


has been so busy these days that he has written so much nonsense, and also…


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