ndoor moisture heavy how to do the two coup how to indoor moisture health

indoor humidity is not only easy to breed bacteria, indoor air pollution, but also easy to indoor moisture intrusion into the human body, so that the occupants of the body’s moisture is not conducive to health. So, how to do indoor moisture? Then, this article will introduce two kinds of methods can be used to remove indoor moisture, interested friends can look at.

indoor moisture weight how to do

1, window ventilation

indoor moisture and indoor air circulation, therefore, recommend daily ventilation windows for a period of time, not only can remove indoor moisture, can let fresh air into the room, the indoor air muddy out, contribute to the physical and mental health. Indoor window ventilation is the best time for the morning of nine to eleven points in the afternoon from 2:00 to four points, the air quality of these two time periods is the best, it is recommended that each window ventilation time of not less than half an hour.

2, machine dehumidifier

window ventilation is not suitable for rainy days and the Huangmei season, because in these special periods, the window ventilation not only can not exhaust moisture, but also increase the humidity. Many of my friends know, Huangmei season is easy to regain, many walls, especially tile walls, is a water, that moisture is very serious, you need to use the machine to dehumidify. In general, as long as the use of ordinary household dehumidifier can play a better dehumidification effect.

above is about how to do indoor moisture weight. Here are the two methods can be used to remove indoor moisture, are very simple, there is a need for friends may wish to try, especially the first method, as long as the hands can be. If the ventilation through the window, but also can not effectively remove indoor moisture, then the use of dehumidifier, dehumidification effect is very good.