The website earned 5000 from 0 to January, and did only one thing

before I started this blog, I didn’t think what to do if I don’t succeed, but I haven’t actually done a successful website before. But I remember Wang Guozhen’s poem: "I don’t think whether can succeed, since the choice of the distance, they only trials and hardships."

so in June of last year, I started blogging, starting with passion, even though I didn’t make money. My idea is very simple, to the drainage through SEO, so every day I only do one thing, is constantly to enrich the blog article, regardless of what other, occasionally contribute to the network owners to go outside to reveal a face, let people know that there is a no blog. In this way, after a month, blog gradually ranked, with traffic. However, in September, I felt that the title of the blog was not clear enough, so I changed my mind and changed the title of the blog.

This is

made SEO taboo, especially a just growing new station.

indeed, a week after the website in the fall, was completely right down, this is what I expected things, I know I just do what I should do is. I continue to add content to the website every day, and increase the valuable content to the net friend. In this way, after a week, ranking did not come back, after half a month, ranking did not come back, after a month, ranking or not come back.

if I still in the process of peace of mind, it is not possible, I wake up every morning the first thing is to look at the ranking back without a week did not come back, I don’t think what, half a month did not come back I feel the time is not long, a month did not come back when I panicked. Not difficult to come true, they say, half a year to recover? If so, I would rather give up. But I still did not give up, although I almost gave up, because I re established a website in hand, but I still insist every day to increase the content of website, and occasionally contribute to the stationmaster net increase about the chain. In one and a half months when I haven’t recovered, I set myself a goal in mind. If I haven’t ranked in two months, I’ll throw it away.

for this reason, I also ran to Baidu Adsense platform complaints, said I do stand hard, website content carefully arranged, all the user needs, let them help see what is the matter.

results do not know is the time, or the role of complaints, slowly ranked back, and the ranking also went up a lot. Everything looks like a coincidence, but I believe that the complaint has some effect, but more of it comes from the content I insist on not giving up.

later the website has been a good momentum of development, in May this year when the flow rate reached 5000IP, in May revenue reached 5000 yuan, but unfortunately in May Baidu wave, and sites are right down the column, the right down while they do not know what the reason is, but it is not necessarily a good thing, sometimes when we actually have to I wish you a happy voyage. times, careful crisis > four


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