The survival philosophy of local websites profit comes from three degrees

site construction costs low, low threshold, resulting in fierce competition and brutal competition. If the local site, could not escape the pressure of survival. Under the market economy, the pursuit of profit website (or interest) to maximize users (or experience) the pursuit of utility maximization, the contradiction between the two seemingly contradictory, they are mutually unified, and can be transformed into each other. The author thinks, from website operator, the key is to raise "three degrees":

is to raise the popularity of websites and consolidate the foundation of survival. This relates to the flow, we are very seriously, The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea Gexianshentong. In addition to SEO, forum, writing, sending mail, city Q group, said, the outdoor advertising, media advertising, web search, all kinds of ways, have their own utility, here no longer.

two is to improve the reputation of the website, expand the road of development. This is to be like "palace scheming" in the same as Liu Sanhao, to "save good intentions, good words, good deeds."". Good intentions is a moral requirement, like loading Trojan, bundled virus released unhealthy pictures, videos, novels do not abide by the Internet Civilization Convention site, there may be a moment, but is destined to be short-lived. Say, is to provide true and effective information available, more professional, less popular, more original, less reproduced, so users in good. To do good, that is, in addition to relying on Web site functions for users to provide quality services, it is very important that, as far as possible to participate in some public charity activities. For example, you can help support a college student or primary and secondary school students, for the disaster areas donated thousands of dollars, to participate in public service propaganda and so on, if you do well, perhaps you can go to the local daily, free news publicity. According to local conditions can also engage in some environmental protection activities, such as organizing users to collect waste batteries, second-hand exchange, the clear pick up the rubbish and so on, to expand social influence.

three is to improve the credibility of the website, to grasp the development of. This is to combine the virtual economy and the real economy. In particular, the main source of income by providing value-added services, to the potential customers in the web site to collect fees, but also need to wrap themselves. If you have the strength, it is better to register a company, or you can register an individual business owner. Under the same circumstances, there is a public account number and office address, to fight for customers have obvious advantages. It’s hard to gain customer trust by leaving a 400 or overseas call. If you want further packing, you can use various resources to invite the participation of nongovernmental organizations, such as the local consumers association, the Federation of industry and commerce, the Youth League, and so on. This is what we have done with the 0598 talent network. Of course, if there is a way to fight for the support of the relevant government departments, it is best to hang a sponsor or co organizer, add a link on the local official website, so that the credibility of the natural increase.

said these, this article stresses the principle of more, less practical operation, I believe that you are very creative webmaster, will be able to draw inferences over this basis, explore more and better operations


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