Webmasters don’t just forget their own bodies on their websites

I don’t know if I was not a webmaster, although I learn web production has a good long time (more than three years, are amateur learning, I am learning, no computer machinery) themselves before I to our school room to do ", then the machine room I particularly tense basically all is in the morning and early go to the room for the machine, and sometimes even do not eat breakfast, so motionless in the room for a day, so every day, know a week in front of the exam began to prepare for the exam, because the teacher will tell what test, so far has been passable I do this every day. Every time when I lead room the whole body feels a little pain, and sometimes a bit dizzy, was really fearless. Weekend I usually go to the Internet cafe that night will be a bit cheaper, but I think I am late The efficiency is high on.

last year I have a computer, then the school night off the net off net, so I went to bed. After the beginning of this term we should also continue to do graduate design network, I was sitting in front of the computer all day, but sometimes go to eat, this is my biggest activity is the day every day at 4 in the morning before they had no sleep, morning quarters of the students I was awakened by the people. It makes people, I went to the hospital today, the past few days has been mixed with a little chest tightness, chest pain, go to see the doctor, light inspection fee on more than 300 also did not check out what disease. I am a little regret, regret that, a little feeling. That was going to rely on websites, personal satisfaction, also want to develop their own websites, for in the postgraduate living on their own website income to meet, we feel the hope in my It’s a little vague. I haven’t made any money yet. It cost too much. It’s not just money,.

so I suggest to me as a webmaster, want to protect their own bodies, a year to do a comprehensive physical examination, which is responsible for your personal is to your family in charge. This is the first time in my writing is not good, and you want to exchange my leave. Contact qq:379054574



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