Picture Entertainment station station make painstaking efforts during the first half of the diary

always wanted to set up the site and started doing it at the beginning of the year. Ready to do a little more entertaining, practical, if a little bit of the station.

09 January: ready to site, mainly to prepare the CMS program, collect pictures. It took 45 days to design the website interface, so


09 years in January the end of the month: submit BAIDI GG and other mainstream search engines. About 4 days later, in January 30th, Baidu included the home page, which is only one page.

09 February 1st: began to exchange links, in search engines included very few, flow 99% by friendship link, and and similar sites exchange traffic. 1-5, the flow gratifying, rising day after day. 5 days after the flow is stable at about 500IP, Links 15, the number of visible Links antecedents IP is quite substantial. But this site is mainly for search engines, endless add friendship links is not much significance.

February 1st 09 -10: daily PV5, total PV 2000 or so.

twentieth days Baidu included 200 pages.

thirtieth days, Baidu included 100 pages, home weight significantly improved, keywords beauty ranking seventh pages, 60ip; stockings beauty ranked third pages, 40ip. The same day, Baidu came to 500ip. Link source 1000IP, to reach the peak station more than 1500 IP.

home page change keywords, title, the next day by Baidu K. Only included home page, beauty, silk stockings, beauty keywords, no included. The server is unstable for the next few days, and the site has been out of service for 3 days, after the server is changed. Completely by K, Baidu included as 0.

server stable, www.59ims.com on-line, change the home page is simple, other themes, Baidu 3 days included home page. Then beauty home line, Baidu 2 days included home page.

April 6th, Baidu canceled the home page included.

April 8th, Baidu IMAGES, included pictures, traffic to 3 p.m. 360IP. "Plump" keyword, flow up to 3 p.m. 130IP.

home page has not yet been included. Features include: larger size, brief ALT, and include keywords.

April 9th, traffic remained stable, number 8, 24 hours, traffic 1520, reaching K peak before 1000IP, PV12000 pictures in which Baidu traffic nearly.

mid April, plump picture keywords more stable, other socks, non mainstream pictures, keyword flow stability, daily Baidu pictures traffic 500ip. All of the IP comes mainly from Baidu pictures, and Baidu doesn’t include the site address and is still in K…

April 25th, continue to study the reasons for not included, found the home page key >


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