Ma on how to develop young people

now many young people want to have a better development, want to have a better future. So how to walk on the road, how to work hard to harvest a good future? Now, let’s take a look at some of the suggestions Ma gave young people!

for new employees and the general society filled with impetuous feelings, Ma Yun before the date of the Alibaba’s internal website published a letter, mainly for the entry of less than 3 years of employees, but a lot of views on the current society also apply. In the message, Ma once again pointed out that young people should have a sense of gratitude and awe, but he also made some of their own constructive comments.

for what he sees, "today many colleagues come a few days began to blame and criticism, and almost all" society was filled with voice in the criticism of everything, "said Ma surface states unequivocally, hate those who do not appreciate of yesterday, not fear of tomorrow, the same thing, but he also" young people today and impetuous things speak attitude deeply understanding, because "we are so young".

At the same time

he encourages employees to see their own, calm down and ask myself three questions ", 1 what I have, what I. 2, what I want. 3, I have to give up what."

1. To the company to see, speak less. Look at all the people and things you are interested in. Learn from seeing and observing. Of course, it is best to take the attitude of appreciation and curiosity to see.

2, letter. Ask yourself if you don’t believe in the company’s people, mission, values…… Believe it or not. If you do not believe, choose to leave, leaving the company is not suitable for their own and others are most responsible attitude.

3, thinking. If you believe it, stay and think about what you can do for the company’s vision and mission. What is the difference between thinking about being in the company, the team and the work that I have and I don’t have, we admire the soldiers who want to be generals, but I believe that it is hard to be a good soldier.

4, action. This is the hardest. A lot of people understand the truth, but can adhere to the truth of the people too few. Action is the real way of thinking. Action is also a result. We’re a company that’s trying to applaud, but pay for it.


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