Business should be able to communicate skillfully

we all know that business needs to be able to say, however, this "say" is not just a simple talk, but also need to say, know how to communicate. Two days ago with a foreign friend to come to work in the chat, he said there is a supermarket chain stores will really do business, he recently patronize this store, originally only want to buy a bottle of water, the water bought, bought two of Taishan tobacco and some local products. The post for his wife bought an expensive purses.

I asked him: "how do you change the purchase decision, once bought so many products?" He replied, "in fact, nothing special, that is, the more pleasant communication. The clerk could see me from the outside, to me about the local history and culture and local customs and practices, that is out of a family to take some of the local characteristics of things, every word said my heart, when I decided to buy water, Taishan tobacco and some souvenirs ready to pay, she I asked, "out of time, not specifically for your wife to buy what? Now we are in the ladies’ purses are doing special activities, you do not want to give her a surprise? I thought it was going to be my wife’s birthday, so I bought a lady’s purse for my wife."

listened to his words, reminds me of a previously read a marketing story: the most cattle salesman. The hero of the story is a township down boy, previously only is selling small dealers from door to door in the village, no work experience as a salesperson, but he is in a department store for after work, it did not take long for a customer from the beginning and then sell the hook, fishing line, fishing rod, yacht, until finally sell out hundreds of thousands of cars, this is what a successful marketing case.

In fact,

, as the shop operator, but also sell goods, customers in the shopping process, to provide information and advice from the customer, do some intimate reminder, such as customers to buy toothpaste, you can ask whether you need a toothbrush, more from the perspective of the customer to do consultant salesman.

and when it’s ready to pay, we may ask another question: "do you need any more?"" "* *, second pieces of goods at half price, plus 5 yuan can buy * * goods", possibly because of your active one asked, a little good reminder, can win the favor of customers, improve the desire to buy, and buy more goods. However, in the daily operation of the customer that followed, blindly recommend commodities, and put forward many requirements, such a reception and service mode are counterproductive, to achieve the purpose of transaction showmanship.

many people understand that sales are what customers want, and then provide customers with what. But in fact, sales is actually a need to find and meet the needs of the process, and how to allow customers to buy more, you need the operator clever >


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