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Singapore United Morning Post" reported on January 13th, the United States released new guidelines for breast cancer prevention advice, women began to accept X in breast X-rays from the age of 50, and more than and 40 year old women should follow the doctor’s advice to decide.

U.S. Preventive Medicine service group issued a proposal on the 11, so that the United States of America breast cancer screening criteria and add a new debate.

Cancer Society in the United States in October 2015 suggested that women from the age of 45 to start the annual breast examination. Prior to this, the Institute had advised women to undergo breast X light tests at the age of 40, and later revised the recommendations by showing that this did not save the lives of many people.

The new

guidelines recommend that "women with a moderate risk of breast X light screening (mammography) every two years between 50 and 74 years of age". The preventive medicine service group made the decision on the basis of the results of six independent research groups, which examined ten strategies.

, a medical service group, published in the journal Annals of internal medicine,  , said that women in this age group were at risk of a 25.8% reduction in breast cancer mortality every two years.

the proposal also takes into account the risks of the examination, including factors such as misdiagnosis and breast density.

Jeanne, chief researcher at the research center

Lombardi comprehensive cancer? Mandebalate pointed out that we should remember the family history and other factors should also be taken into account. She stressed: "you need to keep in mind that breast X light can save lives."

Mander Bharat said: "when to start the examination, how long to receive breast X light is a personal decision. No model can provide an answer."

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