Nanchong modern agricultural demonstration area of the West first

Chinese as a vast territory and abundant resources country, the emphasis of development of economy, each region can be combined with their own characteristics, to play their own advantages to achieve economic development. 2015, the Nanchong national modern agricultural demonstration area to achieve the total output value of 26 billion 400 million yuan, the per capita disposable income of farmers is $15100, the Ministry of agriculture in the pilot performance evaluation of the western first. Since the start of construction, demonstration area in accordance with the national unified deployment, based on the actual situation in Nanchong, to promote agricultural reform and construction of the pilot, the effect is obvious.

demonstration area efforts to strengthen support and nurture, expand the main business, a new system of agricultural management more perfect. Co cultivation of 276 leading enterprises, farmers’ cooperation, 3586 family farms 9857, new farmers and rural occupation occupation agent 9671; completed 167 thousand land contract management rights is indeed the right certification, do "12316" for the agricultural service hotline, the establishment of expert courtyard 24, set up expert service team 9; actively explore the land the labor contract of custody, profit mechanism, encourage farmers into the modern agricultural industrial chain, promote the rapid, sustained income increase.

adhere to market-oriented, broaden the distribution channels, the new model of production and marketing convergence more mature. Order production comprehensive promotion, the establishment of 10 million yuan of enterprise contract performance risk funds, to establish a stable relationship with the purchase and sale of enterprises, agricultural products (000061, shares) order rate of nearly 60%; excellent product is increasing, the registered trademark of 468 agricultural products, the declaration of geographical indications of agricultural products 15, 1 million 642 thousand acres of the base through the pollution-free certification, 163 thousand mu base through organic certification; expanding marketing channels, the construction of 61 production market, set up agricultural products shop 52, the establishment of Nanchong agricultural products direct 118 stores in Beijing and Shanghai city demonstration area, the rate of agricultural products reached 86%, annual sales exceeded 20 billion yuan.

addition, demonstration area also highlight the project integration, strengthen investment protection, financial support for the new more efficient way; relying on financial capital, perfect service system, agricultural financing mechanisms more optimization; play the insurance function, enhance the ability of agricultural protection, risk prevention measures more effective; vigorously improve the facilities, enhance the support of science and technology, the new base the characteristics of modern industry. 2014, in 2015, the demonstration area in the Ministry of Agriculture organized the pilot performance evaluation activities were the first in the west.

agriculture is fundamental to the country, is the so-called: "hunger breeds discontentment", can not be ignored for food production, Nanchong national modern agriculture demonstration area, the modernization of science and technology the advanced management method, has made remarkable achievements should be fully affirmed. Nanchong modern agricultural demonstration zone, the relevant person in charge Yang Shiyan said that the development of modern agriculture for the city out of poverty has an extremely important significance. 2015, the core area of the demonstration area of agricultural output value of 2 Recommended


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