Little barbecue rice join advantage

barbecue rice nutritious and delicious, welcomed by consumers, the market prospect is broad. So many entrepreneurs want to find a restaurant with unique brand of barbecue bibimbap, but suffer from much difference between most of the brands have not much difference between business model, so far failed to elect to join the brand satisfaction. Here we recommend to the little barbecue bibimbap, can let little satisfied.

little barbecue bibimbap, in order to develop and promote the national delicacy for oneself, dig Longjiang food culture, will Chinese traditional barbecue, barbecue recipes collected, combined with the process of development, Japan and South Korea, the South American barbecue barbecue, integration of Chinese and foreign techniques, developed a unique delicate barbecue sauce. Little barbecue bibimbap is committed to brand operation, with tender juice barbecue products as the core, supplemented by the special production process, through the franchising business model in the development of modern national retail chain and franchise chain.

has a "little barbecue bibimbap enthusiasm, quick, patience, your every little thing as a priority to complete the" advanced service concept, and adhering to the "integrity, innovation, win-win, the pursuit of quality" business philosophy, after more than ten years of continuous development, has developed into a set of catering management, food culture, research the production of raw materials in one of the modern catering chain enterprises. Little barbecue rice has become one of the most well-known brand chain enterprises has become the most popular city, a city in the name card catering, became a leading brand in the domestic catering enterprises.

little barbecue bibimbap pays attention to the technological innovation and talent team, now has a strong cohesion, the advanced management idea and perfect organization structure in Harbin has opened many direct chain stores in the country has opened stores. At present, a little meat bibimbap continue to strengthen the direct management of the chain store, on the other hand around the retail chain store expansion franchise, expand the business model, the development of large-scale industry, diversified development.

join advantage

little barbecue recipe and taste the unique use of rice, barbecue will be secret and the perfect combination of modern delicacy and health, no fire, no smoke, sanitation, health, environmental protection, unique taste, unique creative, delicious classical formula, the meat fresh, not only allow consumers to a stop, but for many consumers Campoletis Liuxiang, lianlianbuwang.

is a little barbecue rice can easily attract repeat the strength of the brand, which can be seen under the grill to join bibimbap is a good product. Little barbecue bibimbap can become famous delicacy chain brand, because of its research division and the division of special barbecue cooked with secret recipe, unique, professional R & D through the culinary division and nutritionists – tasting — >


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