What is Wang Yufa’s way of doing business

is now the owner of each shop for the business should be how to carry out, naturally will have their own views, because of this, will be different shops have different operating status. In the opposite Yiyang County township government, a row of shops, one can always see the store visitors to, the success of the business, a tall, thin man body busy busy outside greeting customers, face the same is still his trademark smile.

the man is this less than 50 square meter shop owner Wang Yufa. Wang Yu was 39 years old, is a native of Jogyesa, the couple run the store for 12 years, because his wife is mainly engaged in home affairs, so the store business is mainly in the care of the boss wang. From Front Gate, this small shop is in the middle, on both sides of the wall put a row of shelves, the shelves with daily necessities, office supplies, kitchen supplies and other small items, goods more, but placing a whole neat, clear, clean, clean goods, customers into the store immediately according to the classification select the items they need.

shop on both sides of the compact placed two rows of fruits and dry goods, leaving a larger space in the middle, for customers to stay. For the first time, you can’t think of the owner as a man. Asked the surrounding neighbors and customer manager to his impression, "as long as it comes to hear his name, I think the first is his smile," he smiles all the time, "he said an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person is not an exaggeration." This is the origin of this nickname "an outwardly kind but inwardly cruel person".

a book, full of trust, ushered in many repeat customers

asked about the business know-how, Wang Yufa will always be modest to say, "I have what trick, the trick would not have so much credit." Said, smiling from the locker with a thick book, which neatly written with various items, "XX Hotel, August 17th, 2 bags of rice, 3 barrels of oil, a total of XX yuan" "XX mine, September 13th, 5 boxes of mineral water, 50 towels, a total of XX yuan"…… From the beginning to now, more than million credit debts.

he was asked, "if they don’t pay back the money, that you do not lose hair" he turned face, said sternly, "people come to me to buy things, is to support the shop business, just trust me things in the shop, they believe in me, I have to believe that they. Besides, although half will not recover the cost, but because before this bought something, they are willing to come to the store, the second to repeat, also, you say is not it?" Speaking of this, he smiled again.

He seems to

credit debts this too credulous, nothing against the heart, but in fact he is not a vague account of this practice hand there, have the "confidence". He will account for all


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