Spicy head store to help students dream of entrepreneurship

hot head is Chinese restaurant brand boutique Sichuan spicy incense pot fish, to meet the dietary needs of the people, gained an excellent reputation in the catering market. Spicy head of the store, is suitable for the public entrepreneurial projects, investment costs are not high, but very easy to open a shop. Spicy head store, to help students dream of business


Cheng Ming wealthy, after graduating from high school to study in the United States for four years, but after returning to do something to make people out of the thing, he gave up his father’s work, he set up the industry, joining a hot head of the project, the monopoly of spicy pot, sell full of sound and colour. This is exactly why? We quickly look up.

in the head of the franchise spicy bright and spacious hall, we see that Cheng Ming is the morning will be open to the staff, ready to meet the challenges of the day new, only 24 years old, he and other rich domestic two generation, less childish, more stable, just like a seasoned brand shop manager. Cheng Ming’s home is located in the pedestrian street spicy head stores, although less than one hundred square meters, but the daily business is fire or not, it is best to become the local brand homely food line, young people’s eyes spicy pot. He said that his success is not accidental, entrepreneurship is he has the ideal, then the investment return hot head, this project is very professional, from technology to operation, full support, with today’s popular store.

when asked their students for many years back has opened a spicy hot pot store, will not feel no face, Cheng Ming smiled and said: No, the head is also a well-known small spicy food brands, it tastes good, high quality and inexpensive materials is popular, can open a shop so hot, but also a have a sense of achievement. Although his family is good, but can rely on their own minds to create their own business, is a completely different sense of achievement.

Why do you choose

as the original start hot head instead of other food items, when he said, studying abroad in recent years, almost every day in the miss home meal, spicy incense pot miss, miss the delicious fish, I was planning a drink after returning to fight the world in the dining industry. I came back after repeated investigation, lock head spicy incense pot to join the project, although only a small incense pot, but it contains a profound Chinese catering culture, business is good, this is a fashionable restaurant, a fancy restaurant, I believe this restaurant by the modern young people welcome.

the fact that his choice is correct, the store opened up its stylish decoration style has attracted the attention of young people, coupled with his flexible business philosophy, spicy head soon become young people gathered in the delicacy of mouth. Whether it is shopping, or friends meet, spicy head is the most recommended


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