Zheng Xinhua Spring Festival stocking should be progressive

Spring Festival is coming soon, so many shopkeepers began stocking, want to do inventory work, however, when to prepare, how many goods, this is a problem. Now, let’s find out how Zheng Xinhua made his stock and see what he said about the spring festival.

I have been in the supermarket for eighteen years, that is to say, I have the experience and experience of preparing for the Spring Festival for the past eighteen years. I think the Spring Festival stocking should be progressive, step by step.

first, cigarettes and liquor has always been the focus of the retail commodity merchants Spring Festival stocking, if the "pro on the car near the ears pierced", certainly some more popular cigarettes or liquor brand is the lack of goods, is bound to delay the sales during the Spring Festival, bring some loss. Therefore, such as cigarettes and alcohol such special goods, to two months in advance to the beginning of the two and a half months to start stocking, so as to the goods ready.

per second, to the end of the year, people are going to be a welcome addition to the old Home Furnishing on environment, the family, friends and coworkers from too much, some people will rush in the new year before early in the new premises. There are Chinese traditional customs, love your joy, happiness, a lot of wedding marriage generally selected days, more love to get together on the eve of the Spring Festival holiday center, especially, the so-called "money money, a wife to return home for the new year", is a good illustration of this point. Therefore, in the first half of the year and a half or so began to prepare household goods, bedding, cleaning supplies and wedding supplies stocking, and do a good job of publicity and sales.

is a staple food and vegetables, fruits, etc.. Due to the short shelf life of non-staple food and vegetables, it is not suitable for early stocking. So, about 15~20 years ago, began to prepare non-staple food, vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, wax products, bulk dry goods, aquatic products, frozen goods and other commodities. These goods will also be the focus of people buy special purchases for the Spring Festival. In addition, now life is good, people are pursuing health, and green health gift has become the first choice for people to send gifts.

therefore, the Spring Festival stocking this year, I have prepared for the current popular health care products, such as melatonin, gold partner, Jingxin oral liquid, to meet the different levels of consumption and consumer demand consumers of different ages. In addition, I also bought a number of southern black sesame paste, spleen pollen paste, American ginseng, milk, eight treasure porridge, pearl powder, royal jelly and other beverages, health products.

of course, no matter how to stock, what kind of goods, the quality of the product, we need to ensure that. Therefore, we need to emphasize that we must ensure the quality of health care products and other commodities, adhere to purchase from the regular manufacturers or suppliers, pay attention to the production date and shelf life. Not because of a momentary negligence affecting the credibility of the store. Again, Valentine’s Day gift stocking. Every new year, will have a lover


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