Are four petty life hidden breast cancer health network female bomb

high fat diet, smoking and drinking high fever, Hair Coloring, lack of exercise and other lifestyle is an important factor in breast disease is rising; the popular SPA essential oil breast enhancement, Ding Ke life will smuggles, what life is health bomb? Healthy and fashionable women as the first goal, might read, away from the minefield.

bomb: abuse of breast oil estrogen surge in vivo

along with the popularity of SPA, breast oil is more and more familiar with the beauty of love. Numerous essential oils of dazzling. However, behind the charming fragrance, essential oil is a high risk factor of cosmetics, not everyone is suitable.

plant essential oils known as "plant hormones," said many of the essential oils of small molecular substances similar to human hormones, can be used to improve the body’s hormone levels. Experts pointed out: the occurrence of breast cancer and endocrine disorders have a great relationship. Estrogen is the most important index in various endocrine factors. Increased or decreased levels of estrogen may increase the risk of breast cancer."

bomb tactics: from a professional point of view, the occasional use of breast oil will not cause direct harm to the body, but the long-term use of large dose will increase the level of estrogen in vivo, breast health effects. Women’s menopausal hormone replacement therapy also increases the risk of breast cancer. Therefore, women can not simply add estrogen, progesterone. The beauty salon boasts that essential oil has therapeutic effect on hyperplasia of mammary glands is exaggeration.

two: Bomb singles, DINK threatened by growing crises

early menarche, late menopause is the main risk factors of breast cancer. Menarche age less than 12 years old and older than 17 years compared to the relative risk of breast cancer increased 2.2 times. The risk of amenorrhea age more than 55 years of age less than 45 breast cancer increased 1 times. In addition, the risk of breast cancer was two times higher among unmarried women. DINK and first birth in 30 years and other unfavorable factors will also affect breast health.

bomb: we do have some merit around the female occupation under the pressure of work or the pursuit of career success, long live singles or DINK family life. The expert reminds: "the birth of a child to protect the health of the breast has an important role, breastfeeding also helps to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer. Upgrade from the single family is also a mother of decompression recipe, and the children get along, grow together more conducive to women’s physical and mental health."

bomb three: high-fat diet into the breast killer

for a long time sitting in the office of the white-collar work, sit still less, lack of exercise, lack of sunshine bathed the body ready to let cancer. With a casual afternoon box lunch every day, eating outside, high fat and high protein diet, smoking and drinking, life seems to be very rich, but let the breast Tim crisis.

bomb tactics: "shells, animal offal, beef and mutton, cola, coffee and chocolate.