Yangzhou women’s Federation to help women entrepreneurs apply for small loans

with the continuous expansion of the ranks of entrepreneurs, many of which have a lot of beautiful figure, they are female entrepreneurs. According to the survey, the success rate of female entrepreneurs is higher than men, they will use their own advantages to treat the market, choose a better result.


The establishment of

three for support. First, the city leaders to support. Timely adjustment of small loan policy, and will be included in the work of the small loan Municipal People’s livelihood; two is to seek policy support. Municipal Government Office forwarded the implementation of opinions, the establishment of a working group, clear departmental responsibilities, the implementation of special security fund. Personal maximum loan amount from 80 thousand yuan, up to $120 thousand, corporate loans from the original 2 million yuan, up to a maximum of $3 million; three is for sector support. On the discount procedures complex and other issues, and the Municipal Finance Bureau, the security center, the contractor bank to communicate and solve the problem, and to achieve the full support of women’s individual businesses to give discount.

enhanced three service. First, do a good job training services. Organize grassroots women cadres to carry out small loan guarantee business knowledge training courses more than 10 screenings, organized women to carry out more than 20 SYB entrepreneurship training sessions; the two is to do publicity services. Through set up special female entrepreneurial achievements exhibit hall, and other forms of publicity and business morals hotline typical, small loans issued more than 20000 copies of leaflets; three is to make technical guidance services. Many experts to go to the enterprise, go to the base, stores give face to face production and operation of technical guidance.

the following three points. First, the good loan come off. Strong willingness to do business, good integrity of the loan application to provide loans to women to make loans, and to single parent poor women, female college students, rural women and other special populations tilt. Two is the good get back off. In accordance with the individual application, women’s Federation checks, qualification, center guarantees, bank loans, the work program, to strengthen risk prevention, do not comply with the policy, there is no record of bad credit approval. Regular visits to understand the production and operation of the situation, whether earmarking. Advance reminders, about to the repayment period, timely docking communication. Individual special circumstances overdue, timely coordination of compensation by the procedure. Three is a good loan ratio. Requirements of the proportion of personal loans to 60% of total loans, more than 2 times the loan does not consider lending again, so that small loan preferential policies to benefit more entrepreneurial women.



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