How much money to invest in animation franchise

everyone has a happy childhood in the anime’s shadow, but with the development of science and technology, 3D technology has a better effect, animation, every era has memorable cartoons, what 80 after 90 after 00   after 10, just ask a person to say that a few familiar cartoon thus, in the hearts of people, cartoon or influential, especially in recent years the domestic cartoon swept the country, thus promote the animation product sales, market demand makes the animation industry vigorous development.

the first store location,

location is very important, the animation shop still tend to younger, preferred to school near or near the mall, then the densely populated area, also can rent a store in the mall, this is the primary consideration of the site, the second is some pedestrian street or crisscross streets

Second, store decoration

this is not worry too much, join the chamber of Commerce unified plan to provide decoration plan according to the size of the general store pattern, a dozen square meters of the store about five thousand blocks can be. Of course, join the chamber of Commerce to give some policy support, the decoration should not be too high, and the positioning is mainly placed animation products, which have certain skills, I believe there will be a special training teacher taught you.

Third, store rent


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