Rich two generation of self employment entrepreneurial work time over 15 hours a day

when you see the huge office stood a majestic chair, you have no idea which is a more than and 20 year old girl’s office. All young employees in the tea table next to work, both young and lack of sense of history of the strange scene, it really makes people very surprised, this is the music to watch the movie Office environment.

work here is almost 80 and 90, and led the team of young Dong Rui, a little girl looks very gentle born in 1988, in the eyes of colleagues and friends, she is also a man fight over the girl, said she was a "workaholic" is not exaggeration.

"capricious" to let the family life and hard work

"who is richer than you, better than you are harder than you." This is the network of commonly used motivational language, and Dong Rui can be said to be a true example of this sentence. Get up at 7 in the morning wash, start a busy day. In addition to go to the company, she is going to different places every day to see different people to talk about different cooperation, sometimes busy and even have no food to eat, and so have been home at 12 in the evening. She said with a smile, the biggest gain since the start is to become a man.


since April last year, the movie has created music for a full year, Dong Rui has settled the theaters in Zhengzhou, Luoyang has opened. This small Movie card can be used in all three places, and can be played on the basis of the price of four to forty percent off. In fact, there is nothing to see the music innovation, we do everything is to integrate resources. No one has ever done this before in Henan."


in addition to music movies, Dong Rui is also responsible for the music to see advertising and Sishan trading company. "I really work very hard to fight, there is no amateur life, I can also be responsible for so many businesses is a cavity blood and 200% of energy, in addition to relying on the strength of the team."

music to see the team almost all 80 and 90, is a Dong Rui handpicked. Dong Rui cherish talent, never stint commission. For her, everyone in the team is indispensable, they have paid a lot for the company.

to Dong Rui, this young team is not only her good helper is her responsibility. "In the past I had no pressure and sense of responsibility, every day, enough to live comfortably, now have their eyes on, I think there are so many people to recommend


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