How to pay attention to entrepreneurship is the secret of making money

the direct purpose of our business is to make money, but a lot of people do not have to wait to make money, at the beginning of the encounter failure. How to start a business? Capital is often necessary to start a business, so the first successful venture is to dig into the pot of gold. With this first pot of gold, combined with the Nuggets in the process of accumulation of experience, the future of the road on the smooth many.

the junior middle school education of young Hu Xiaoping, had been employed in the markets of Nanjing, by selling mustard, pickled cabbage and other dishes to maintain their livelihood. Later, he found that both urban families or hotels, the demand for all kinds of dishes are relatively large, they sprouted the idea of using a unified brand packaging around the dishes. Registered a piece of cake trademark, he set up a professional distribution company, the results of the annual sales breakthrough 15 million yuan. Now, he has built a large distribution base, intends to do business across the country.

2001 years before the Spring Festival, a few friends of Xiao Yao together chat, talk about every winter due to burning coal poisoning caused by death. At present, the general use of coal stove heating in rural areas, so do not pay attention to a little, there will be gas poisoning.


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