Homemade yogurt mask at home specific methods

is not just a very healthy, but also a kind of beauty Jiapin, in life we can use yogurt to make some simple beauty mask, what are the specific method of making?

function: it can alleviate the inhibition of acne, acne and India   dilution effect.


function: honey is rich in water,   can be a day to nourish the skin moist like.

The specific method of

effects: yogurt mask can also be used to wash your face, no need to clean the face before and after use. After using 4~5 back, the skin will have a new feeling.

Green Tea yogurt Whitening MaskMaterial:

Green Tea; yogurtMethods: in the

yogurt has so much help for our each person’s life, not only bring us a delicious, but also beautiful to everyone. We can use yogurt to make a mask, the above details for our homemade yogurt mask specific methods.



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