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familiar with the last generation "Lin" Chen Xiaoxu, to love this generation of female singers: A-Sun, Yao Beina…… With this a star "Confidante" fall, let the word "breast cancer" numerous boarded the major media. However, often accompanied by death words breast cancer is really so terrible? In the Yangcheng Evening News Agency in Cancer Hospital of Zhongshan University, Guangdong province Cancer Association jointly organized the "prevention first" Confidante killer "– breast cancer prevention knowledge lecture" activities, the expert points out, "to cure the tumor, the key lies in the early" so, nearly 90% of people do not need to receive postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy. But experts stressed that dealing with the killer, prevention first, early detection and early treatment is the best policy.

1, young breast cancer struck, the incidence is far more than Europe and the United States

in recent years, the word breast cancer frequently into the public view is not without cause. "Currently, there are about 1 million 400 thousand women suffering from breast cancer every year, and about 500 thousand women die of breast cancer each year. In China, about 190 thousand women suffer from breast cancer each year, and about more than 40 thousand women die of breast cancer. Breast cancer has become a major killer of women with malignant tumors." According to Professor Yang Mingtian Breast Cancer Hospital of Zhongshan University monopathy chief experts, the incidence of breast cancer is the characteristic of our country: the incidence of breast cancer increased year by year, the incidence of the southeast coastal economic developed area high rate, high incidence of large and medium-sized city.

is worth noting that, in recent years, the incidence of breast cancer in China has a younger trend, the incidence of the disease than in Europe and the United States as early as 10-20 years. Play projection in the lecture scene, a unilateral breast as big as papaya photographs of women caused an uproar. "This is a recent admission to the treatment of patients, only 16 years old." Deputy director of the Zhongshan University Department of breast cancer hospital physician Dr. Tang Jun said that breast cancer less than 35 years of age is very young, the incidence of breast cancer in about 11.2%, and in Europe and the United States is 2%-3%; and the breast cancer less than 40 years of age of the "young breast cancer, the incidence of Chinese around 20%, far higher than the European 6%-7%. The frightening thing is, young breast cancer newly diagnosed breast cancer in the elderly is generally relatively late, and the patients’ and doctors do not pay enough attention to the progress of young breast cancer; second is relatively fast, young patients with breast cancer tumor hospital admissions are advanced, increasing the difficulty of treatment.

for women under 40 years of age or older, it is not easy to find only the molybdenum palladium test, it is best to combine color ultrasonography, is conducive to improve the detection rate of young breast cancer. The color Doppler ultrasound with the joint detection accuracy is higher, more suitable for Chinese women, Professor Yang said.

2, want a good effect, it is necessary to find as early as

"Want to

tumor treatment is good, what is the key?" this problem proposed by Professor Yang Mingtian in the lecture, the moment to mobilize the enthusiasm of the audience, have raised their hands, answered: "in addition to surgery combined with radiotherapy and chemotherapy." To strengthen self inspection, there is something wrong.