Lovers asked fishbone puzzle this trick really clever

now the consumer awareness is more and more strong, recently there are a great God, a couple out of consumption, suspected stores Quejinshaoliang, asked the fishbone puzzle. The couple asked the fishbone puzzle is really good! Do you want it?

3 5 at 9 pm, near Shapingba A major area in a fish village, the waiter reluctantly from the trash, out a pile of bones was discarded long ago. Because a couple suspected stores Duanjinshaoliang, will be called the fish in the hands and feet, so they asked the shop will eat the rest of the fish back together, in order to determine whether this is a whole fish.



in addition to a fish, Li also had some drinks. In the evening, when it was nearly 9, Xiao Li went to the counter and the cashier told them to spend $144.

"we hit 8 points into the store, the fish cooked back on the table, my girlfriend and I ate less than half an hour, the fish is eaten…… This fish is certainly a problem! "Li suspicion, the fish before he said, the store must be tampered with, either Duanjinshaoliang, or fish are exchanged.

but the whole pot of fish had been eaten, how to determine the weight of fish have a problem? Mike one thirty while could not find evidence, but he refused to pay for the meal, and the attendant quarreled. Finally, Li dialed 110 alarm.

110 fast at the Shapingba police Wu Yue and Luo Jianchun came to the store, understand the situation, but the police also feel embarrassed. Because after all, Mike and his girlfriend had to eat the fish, can not confirm the presence of fraud.

"so we put the fish picked up, to see if there is no so much, we won’t eat the fish!" at this time, Xiao Li put the dish on the table were collected, also asked the waiter to previously lost collected fish.

final discounted fish


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