The three step simple process allows you to open a clothing store

shop can not be blind investment, especially in the clothing industry is booming, must be carefully analyzed in all aspects, to understand the market situation, the choice of the right project investment is likely to be successful. Below, small series will share with you the process of clothing store opening.

Analysis of district location survey – Decoration – Opening –


1, consider the clothing store for the new store, in order to reduce rents, reduce costs, shop area can be less, so the decision to rent 10 square stores can be.

2, there are two downtown lots, but the brand must operate in this brand street. Only in this street to find a shop has a commercial atmosphere.

3, is required to operate a comprehensive store, only for the local situation, because a Monopoly brand risk. To cover the second line, three line brand, accessories, etc..


select business to grasp the following key areas:

The use of

"shop dolong city" effect we may wish to listen to consumers view: a company’s white-collar Miss Lu is a big flower consumption, often to send flowers bouquets to customers and friends. She said, in addition to the special anxious may find a nearby shop to buy flowers, most of the time is arrived at the stadium road to buy, because there.


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