Nanjing every day the birth of 156 new companies affected by the lower threshold of entrepreneurship

with the whole society is now actively promoting entrepreneurship, at the same time, there are more and more people have begun to embark on the road of entrepreneurship, there are more and more cities began to relax the threshold of the whole venture.

data speak: Nanjing daily birth of 156 companies

in March last year the implementation of the "company law" provisions, the minimum amount of registered capital for the first time, the proportion of investment, investment period, non monetary contribution accounted for the restrictions are cancelled, the shareholders (promoters) can decide or agree to the above matters, and the registered capital paid registration system to recognize a registration system.

with the commercial system reform, domestic new businesses registered rapid growth. SAIC data show that the first half of this year, the country’s newly registered market players 6 million 851 thousand, an increase of 15.4% over the same period last year. Among them, 2 million 1 thousand enterprises, an increase of 19.4%. At the end of June, the country has implemented various types of market players 74 million 196 thousand, growth of 7% over the end of 2014.



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