Prime Minister like Hainan characteristics of tourism products to encourage innovation and Entrepren


policy for innovation and entrepreneurship support, Prime Minister Li Keqiang is more hands-on, March 22nd visit to Hainan, and praised by Hainan tourism products, so that innovation and entrepreneurship entrepreneurs inspired, is a memorable day for Hainan’s innovative entrepreneurs.

of Hainan students, March 22nd is a memorable day. On this day, the outstanding representatives of them gathered in Sanya, a new attitude to innovation and entrepreneurship, the CPC Central Committee Political Bureau Standing Committee, Premier Li Keqiang’s guidance and care. Hainan University, the 2010 student Ceng Nanchun is one of the representatives.

"prime minister in the people of Sanya tourist center study, with the coconut coconut opening device drilling, drank a mouthful of sweet Coconut Juice, and asked us the price of coconut and coconut opening device." Nanchun had revealed that the prime minister also handed him 20 yuan to buy a coconut and coconut artifact.

"prime minister on the" small commodity market ". His encouragement makes us excited." Once nanchun very happy. With the coconut opening device as the carrier, has nanchun and his entrepreneurial team based in Hainan’s tropical fruit market, carry out a series of   column; innovative research and development and sales. "The prime minister said that tourism is a comprehensive industry that can drive the development of the first and second industries. These agricultural processing products and manufactured goods, both can be viewed and can also be consumed, in particular the need for creative, creative   industry. We will remember the prime minister’s earnest teachings, with the help of the international tourism island policy and the advantages of the Internet, so that more high-quality agricultural products to sell a good price, rural poverty alleviation." Zeng said.

to the students design Jin Hainan tourism products, the prime minister has given attention.

"prime minister" public entrepreneurship, innovation ", the students’ enthusiasm for entrepreneurship. For example, Yang Kai’s classmate series of Li brocade have been sold in many scenic spots and the company opened in November last year has been about 700000 yuan output value. Hainan Normal University National University Science Park has 136 items in the incubation." Science and Technology University of science and Technology Park, the general secretary of the University of science and technology.

Hainan girl Danyin Mo recently became the company’s sales star, she met the prime minister again to buy "the taste of Hainan, so familiar with the prime minister two years ago in the spring coconut chips and coconut milk rolls again into the horizon.

"prime minister became the" Hainan flavor. "Repeat." Mo Danyin recalls, prime minister visits Sanya tourists go to the center of the counter, ask the sales of the products recommended


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