Chinese medicinal diet may help prevent breast cancer three to symptomatic physical conditioning

face breast cancer threat, in addition to self testing, what are the ways to prevent it? Chinese medicine practitioners said that the incidence of breast cancer caused by the rise of young factors, and more modern life, poor eating habits, abnormal health status. To reduce the risk of breast cancer, may have eating Chinese Medicined Diet help to regulate the individual constitution, to achieve the role of prevention.

Huang Huijuan said to doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine theory, the causes of breast cancer, ovarian cancer and other cancers, and human liver and stomach by both the normal operation is closely related to whether or not. For example, long-term consumption of cold, cold food, easy to cause stomach deficiency, stomach functioning, poor blood circulation, to improve the risk of tumor formation. In addition the stomach is not smooth, will likely induce breast cancer cancer, the most widely distributed, from the human foot all the way through the uterus, ovary, breast and abdomen, direct, through the main body through the liver meridian, more play an important key to maintain human health.

because of liver by part of the body is wide, once the any link problems, such as liver qi stagnation, qi stagnation and blood stasis, the site will not only cause discomfort, and will also affect other organs of the body, which is abnormal. In particular, female friends tend to have menstrual disorder, premenstrual syndrome and other serious problems. If long-term neglect, improper treatment, treatment, fear of increased risk of ovarian, breast, uterus and other organs of carcinogenesis.

for the prevention of the above circumstances, Huang Huijuan Chinese medicine for liver and stomach by the poor state of the people, provide 3 way, help the diet tonic liver qi, blood circulation, liver stomach, to help people prevent breast cancer, an antidote against the disease of physical conditioning, find the door. The following is a detailed method of production, and the effect of taboo:


liver qi stagnation

for work pressure, rest is not normal, emotional people, there will be prone to liver qi stagnation, and often accompanied by the occurrence is not easy to sleep, emotional instability, menstrual disorder and other symptoms of order. For a long time, easy to make health state bright red light, and induce cancer cells to find the door. That this type of patients, in addition to change and adjust the rest of life, but also with the effect of diet with liver qi to assist, physical conditioning, prevention, reduce the chance of breast cancer.

shuganliqi Bupleurum soup

material: Peony licorice 3 money, 3 money, money, money 2 2 bupleurum, Fructus aurantii, pork 150 grams of salt a little.


1 will chop into bite size, placed in water for several burns for 3 to 5 minutes to remove the blood.

2 the medicine after simple cleaning, tighten in gunny bags.

3 to prepare a full 1000ml water pot, then put ribs, herbs handle bag into the water, and then into the pot, pot outside the 3 cups of water (about 220ml per cup) amount of stew caused by electric switch jump, ribs soft after.


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