Food and beverage market competition from the perspective of the characteristics of Chengdu cuisine

features of local delicacies always bring different enjoyment of taste, delicacy in Chengdu catering industry, with a variety of snacks famous delicacy City, to dry pot and grilled fish is known nationwide, and understand the Chengdu food delicacy industry market investors will pay attention to dry pot and fish always appear in several food street or diet restaurant, Chengdu people are very fond of the delicacy, Chengdu dry pot and baked on behalf of the Chengdu food industry competition situation, here we detailed analysis of current situation and development trend of Chengdu catering industry.

Chengdu food and beverage industry in the pursuit of the operating characteristics, can be said to be The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, gexianshentong. Chengdu dry pot and Chengdu fish and so on the operating characteristics and competition is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

dishes with good characteristics. Such as Chengdu Bianshi cuisine root fragrant, with their own original pickle series, root system of old jar pickled cabbage hundreds of original dishes operating characteristics to occupy the market.

is famous for its cultural characteristics. Video to Cuba’s cultural restaurants and decorative features of dishes to attract guests, and "Bashu Guicai" written by Wei Minglun "standing in the restaurant" delicacy.

is known for its decorative features. Chengdu’s old house Sichuan cuisine restaurant, with its water village residents to create a gallery and the old room of the original folk dishes to attract guests. Zhoudama sunset red old restaurant in Chinese and Western decorative style, delicious zhoudama Home Dishes features famous chengdu.

is known for its operating characteristics. Chinese family restaurant, service personnel wearing skates, holding a tray, service to patrons of the table. Its private room with the family name and named "Zhang Fu", "Zhao", "Li", etc.. Our restaurant uniform head service personnel, private kitchens in uniform over the age of 40 laid-off waiter, give a person a kind of business sense of the characteristics, novelty.

is known for its ecological characteristics. People South Road extension line, wide road, pleasant scenery. There are twenty or thirty Sichuan (hot pot) restaurants in this rapid rise, and more to go is the garden of ecological food and beverage. The most typical of the south of the river water, food and ecological park and long eagle duck king hot pot city, Xin Park, such as the world’s largest lawn food. Covers an area of more than and 200 acres of land south of the water, the development of innovative water dishes are eco dishes, the entire restaurant is full of transparent glass roof, fish and shrimp on the roof, the guests like to stay in the aquarium dining. It is unique, food ecology, harmony between man and nature.

price competition

Chengdu cuisine is famous for its cheap and fine. In order to survive in the competition, and development, to win consumers, Chengdu catering industry generally adopted the path of urbanization. Such as ginkgo, Tam palace cuisine high priced brand restaurants in Chengdu, also recommended


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