What are the black technologies in the Rio games

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is being held at the Rio Olympics, many people are aware of the government is perhaps invested enormous funds, as well as the Olympic Games has not officially started before the chaos, however, these games actually have a lot of high-tech is a lot of mass are unknown. So, what are the Rio Olympic Games black technology?

Olympic Games is not only the athletes show the stage, but also the arena of science and technology equipment. All previous Olympic Games are not only the stage for the athletes, but also the arena of science and technology. Although the slot is full, but at least in science and technology, the Rio Olympic Games is still a bit of people look forward to it. To come together with the small series grilled a Rio Olympics black technology"!


electronic scoring device

will be the first time in the Olympic Games to use the technology to record the results of archery, and the results have been based on the eyes of the archer’s eye using a special telescope ruling. The Olympic Games official timekeeper OMEGA introduced a new target built-in scanning system. Players no longer anxiously waiting for the results, can concentrate under the arrow shot.

when the arrow hit the target, two scanners will be vertical and horizontal operation, calculation of center distance and target arrow. The precision of the system reaches 0.2 mm, which is beyond the reach of the human eye. At the same time, the running speed of the system is also very fast, can be shot after the results are given in the second target.

in order to increase the tense atmosphere of the game, the audience can also be in the audience through the big screen real-time monitoring of the player’s heart rate, the organizers can be seen in the audience experience is also broken heart.


digital tape recorder

even the top athletes, but also in the long distance swimming competition, but also how many laps to swim around the problem. There is no need to worry about it. In Rio, swimmers will have a digital counter on their hands to help them record the number of laps that will be used in the 800 meter and the 1500 meter freestyle.

digital device is placed in the lap of each lane near the bottom at the turn. When the player touches the wall, the circle will automatically update the number of laps they swim.

so, athletes, you are responsible for the dragon out of the water, and other things to the coil device.

weight lifting

mobile camera

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